Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Double your staples!

I was rehearsing my middle school musical today and some of the cast members were missing pages. Oops.  Last year I provided the cast members with bradded folders, but this year I tried to save a tiny amount of money by simply stapling scripts together and this is what happens.  Well, I printed new scripts and now I have stapled them from both the front and back to minimize the number of lost pages.  Of course, bradded folders are better - and the plastic kind are much sturdier than the paper/cardboard kind.  Furthermore, you can use a heavier paper type for a sturdier script.  But, if you are going the low-budget route, double-stapling is a pretty good bet.  If you have other ideas, please leave a comment!

P.S. - I promise most of my posts will be more interesting than this, lol, but I do feel like even a simple idea like this can save rehearsal time.  An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure.


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